Pamela Hill Nettleton

Professor, magazine writer, op-ed writer, essayist, author, playwright.

Pamela Hill Nettleton is an assistant professor at Marquette University, where she teaches media studies and journalism and researches domestic violence coverage in media as well as masculinity and gender in media.

She writes books, magazine articles, librettos, scripts, and essays. Her award-winning essays and articles appears in RedbookFamilyFunSports Illustrated for KidsBetter Homes & GardensU.S. Catholic, Reader’s Digest magazines, the StarTribune, the Pioneer PressFine GardeningMilwaukee Magazine, Live MusicMEL, The LutheranBride AgainMpls./St Paul MagazineTwin Cities Business MonthlyMinnesota BrideMidwest Home & DesignAmerican HockeyMinnesota Monthly magazine, and other web and print publications.

Latest stories

Urban Presence


The Visitation Sisters of North Minneapolis model gentleness and humility while living as a spiritual presence in a marginalized urban community. It looks like just another house on just another block in just another American neighborhood. Tidy hostas line the walkway to the front door, pretty wicker chairs are circled on the front porch, and the doorbell chimes in a familiar four-note melody...

Art: Revealing the Us In The Other


It is not a passive thing to sit in the audience. It is also not a safe thing. We file in, avoiding eye contact and clutching tickets. We sort ourselves into aisles that are lettered and numbered in illogical fashion, we search for but can’t spell mezzanine, and we politely share the armrests as though nothing transformative is about to happen and as if we will emerge in two hours utterly...

Women’s Work


A cancelled series reveal the fight for women’s pay equality is still underway. Once upon a time, in 1969, women weren’t “allowed” to wear slacks at the office. This wasn’t for modesty – miniskirts and tight dresses were fine, 9-5. The dress code was to keep gender difference clearly delineated, as in the classic insult to assertive wives: “She wears the...

Who Runs The World?


In CBS drama Madam Secretary, patriarchy matters a little less. Madam Secretary (CBS, in its third season) breaks bold new ground in media portrayals of women leaders: Secretary of State Elizabeth McCord’s friends, family, colleagues, and even the President of the United States treat her as if, in fact, she can lead. On television and in film, when women are running corporations or...

Stop the Press: The Future of Journalism Is Not Post-Political


Discussions of the future of journalism center on new economic models, digital modes of distribution, and how to attract young audiences. But what of how future journalism might represent, describe, and critique issues of race, gender, class, and sexuality? And what of the race, gender, class, and sexuality of future journalists themselves? Issues of industry survival take center stage in debates...