Milwaukee County Supervisor Notices Hillary is A Girl

Pamela Hill NettletonEssaysLeave a Comment

Milwaukee County Supervisor Deana Alexander has taken to referring to Hillary Clinton as “Ovary.” Alexander hopes her Twitter hashtags #OvaryClinton and #OperationOvary will be mistaken for insightful political commentary. They are anything but. Alexander’s rhetorical move to name-calling based on body parts is not only gender bullying, but reveals a self-loathing and desperate desire to gain the approval of misogynists. Alexander’s attempt to act like one of the boys by insulting women actually insults the boys. Not all men fear women (or ovaries). Not all men think of women who trash other women for being women as being particularly shrewd and nuanced. If Alexander wants to play with the big guns (or at least bigger guns) of political leadership of … Read More