Marquette University

COMM 1200
Media In Society

COMM 4550/5550
Media and the “Other”

JOUR 4160/5160
Narrative Non-Fiction Reporting

JOUR 4953/5953
Freelance Feature Writing

JOUR 4293/5293
Covering The Arts

JOUR 4130/5130
Critical Writing About The Arts

JOUR 4120/5120
Feature Writing

JOUR 2100

JOUR 1100
News Media Writing


Brave Sperm, Demure Eggs:
How the Media Make Gender (Non)Sense
St. Lawrence University, Canton, New York, October 2013
Spoke at and with classes in theater, gender studies, communication, writing, and journalism, and presented a public lecture on domestic violence coverage in media.

Making Men: Masculinity in the Media
Introduction to Electronic Communication
University of Minnesota, 2009

Equality or Kid Gloves? Ethnicity and Women in Magazine Advertisements
Journalism Department, University of St. Thomas, St. Paul, 2007.

What editors want and definitely don’t
The Loft and Minnesota Magazine Publisher’s Association, Minneapolis, 2007.

Covered in Laurels: On Tour with the Minnesota Orchestra
The Loft and Minnesota Magazine Publisher’s Association, Minneapolis, 2007.

Getting Published and Working with Editors
University of Minnesota, 2007.

Gender and Race in International Magazines
University of Minnesota, 2005, 2006.

Breaking Into Freelance Writing
University of Minnesota, 2004.

University of Minnesota

JOUR 3171
Magazine Writing

COMM 1101
Introduction to Public Speaking

COMM 3263
Media Literacy: Decoding Media Images & Messages

Independent Studies

Freelance Writing for 9 Students

Writing Reviews of Popular Literature

Freelance Writing in the Corporate Setting

Essay Writing for Publication


Maxim is a Bully: Making Women the Victim for Male Pleasure
National Communication Association, Chicago, November 2014

Lady Killers: When Women Shoot Back
National Communication Association. Washington, D.C., November 2013

Boys Clubs on Male-Centered Television
Gender Resource Center Marquette University. Milwaukee, February 2013

Television Boys’ Clubhouses As Wedding Chapel: Marrying My Best Friend
Nieman Conference. Milwaukee, October 2012

Envisioning Conception: Fallopian Gender Politics on YouTube
Visual Culture Division, Cultural Studies Association. San Diego, March 2012
National Communication Association. New Orleans, November 2011

Bridging the Dichotomy: The Emergency of the Transgendered Figure in Male-Centered Television
National Communication Association. San Francisco, November 2010

‘Let’s Boil!’ v. ‘Let’s Roll!’: The Erasure of the Heroism of Female Rescue Workers in 9/11
Union for Democratic Communications. State College, Pennsylvania, October 2010

Rescuing Men: The New Post-9/11 Television Masculinity
Console-ing Passions Conference on Audio, Video, New Media, and Feminism, Eugene, Oregon, April 2010

Look! Up in the Sky! The Erasure of the Heroic Labor of Women in 9/11 Media Representations
National Communication Association. Chicago, November 2009

Asking the Wrong Question in
New Feminist Thinking about Violence and Women
National Communication Association. San Diego, November 2008

Rescue Me: The Political Incorrectness of Being Male in
Pop Progression? Contemporary Characterizations of Race and Gender in Primetime Television
National Communication Association. Chicago, November 2007