Plays & Scripts

The Animals Speak,
The Junk Drawer
Performed at the Katrina Benefit
Fitzgerald Theatre, St. Paul 2005

Nutcracker: The Untold Story
St. Cloud Symphony Orchestra 2002
Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra 2011
Redwood Symphony, California 2014

I Don’t, I Don’t
Performed at The Playwright Center
Minneapolis, 1988

The Labor Room
Stage One Theater, St. Paul, 2986
McKnight Theater, Ordway Center, 1987
Mankato State University, 1987

Musicals & Operas

A Child’s Garden of Monsters,
A Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra
Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra, 2015

Carnival of Animals
Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra, 2011

Minnesota Orchestra, 2002

Minnesota Orchestra, 2001

A Child’s Garden of Monsters
composed by Libby Larsen, 1998

The Underwear Opera
composed by Libby Larsen, 1997
“Best Classical Music Idea of 1997” ~ USA Today

Nutcracker: The Untold Story
with Maurice Sendak, 1997


Nutcracker: The Untold Story
Canzon Septimi Toni #2
St. Cloud Symphony Orchestra, 2002


Nutcracker: The Untold Story
written by Pamela Hill Nettleton
illustrated by Maurice Sendak
performed by Eiji Oue
accompanied by Minnesota Orchestra
danced by James Sewell Ballet, 1977


Nettleton’s play is a first-rate entertainment. It’s very funny and knowing. Nettleton, a former childbirth educator and a mother of three, apparently had volumes of hilarious labor-room stories to mine for this play and she’s used them very adroitly.

David Hawley, on "The Labor Room"St. Paul Pioneer Press and Dispatch, Nov 16, 1986

Playwright Nettleton has a talent for writing comedy. At several points, she will set up a joke, hit the punch line squarely, neatly top it with something even funnier and then add a third or fourth laugh line.

David Hawley, on "The Labor Room"St. Paul Pioneer Press and Dispatch, Nov 16, 1986

In addition to her own pregnancies, Nettleton has other credentials in the area of childbirth experiences. She spent six years as an instructor with Childbirth Education Association, teaching labor techniques to 2,500 pregnant couples and single mothers. During the same period, she also worked with pregnant teen-age girls, teaching them childbirth techniques and often serving as their ‘coach’ in the labor room. All these experiences are mined for laugh-getting effect in ‘The Labor Room’.

David Hawley, on "The Labor Room"St. Paul Pioneer Press and Dispatch, Nov 16, 1986

“She writes funny.”
“The women tell the story of their lives in a non-stop barrage of comic one-liners.”
“Nettleton is skillful enough with her one-liners…”
“[The actresses] milk this material for all it’s worth and it’s worth a lot.”

Robert Collins, on "The Labor Room"City Pages, November 26, 1986