Silencing The Female Voice: The Cyber Abuse of Women on the Internet

Pamela Hill NettletonAcademic WritingLeave a Comment

For a woman journalist in 2017, working on Twitter entails opening oneself to attacks such as: “I hope you get raped” Just Not Sports, 2016 “You need to be hit in the head with a hockey puck and killed” Just Not Sports, 2016 “You are clearly retarded, i hope someone shoots then rapes you” Hess, 2014 The internet is touted as a democratic space in which nationality, class, race, gender, and sexuality are rendered neutral. However, receiving digital media threats of violence, rape, and murder are daily occurrences for female journalists. Internet harassment of women marginalizes their profes- sional presence online, impinges on their freedom of communication, and, in an echo of outdated and retrograde domestic violence attitudes, is minimalized … Read More