Courses Taught at Marquette University

COMM1200 Media In Society

COMM4550/5550 Media And the “Other”

JOUR 4160/5160 Narrative Non-Fiction Reporting

JOUR4953/5953 Freelance Feature Writing

JOUR4293/5293 Covering the Arts

JOUR4130/5130 Critical Writing About the Arts

JOUR4953/5953 Freelance Writing

JOUR 4120/5120 Feature Writing

JOUR2100 Reporting

JOUR1100 News Media Writing

Independent Study: Freelance Writing for 9 Students

Independent Study: Writing Reviews of Popular Literature

Independent Study: Freelance Writing in the Corporate Setting

Independent Study: Essay Writing for Publication


Courses Taught at the University of Minnesota

COMM3263 Media Literacy: Decoding Media Images & Messages

COMM1101 Introduction to Public Speaking

JOUR3171 Magazine Writing

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