Academic Presentations

  • “Maxim is a Bully: Making Women the Victim for Male Pleasure,” National Communication Association, Chicago, November 2014.
  • “Lady Killers: When Women Shoot Back,” National Communication Association. Washington, D.C., November 2013.
  • “Boys Clubs on Male-Centered Television,” Gender Resource Center Marquette University. Milwaukee, February 2013.
  • “Television Boys’ Clubhouses As Wedding Chapel: Marrying My Best Friend,” Nieman Conference. Milwaukee, October 2012.
  • “Envisioning Conception: Fallopian Gender Politics on YouTube.” Visual Culture Division, Cultural Studies Association. San Diego, March 2012.
  • “Brave Sperm and Demure Eggs: Fallopian Gender Politics on YouTube.” National Communication Association. New Orleans, November 2011.
  • “Bridging the Dichotomy: The Emergency of the Transgendered Figure in Male-Centered Television.” National Communication Association. San Francisco, November 2010.
  • “‘Let’s Boil!’ v. ‘Let’s Roll!’: The Erasure of the Heroism of Female Rescue Workers in 9/11.” Union for Democratic Communications. State College, Pennsylvania, October 2010.
  • “Rescuing Men: The New Post-9/11 Television Masculinity.” Console-ing Passions Conference on Audio, Video, New Media, and Feminism, Eugene, Oregon, April 2010.
  • “Look! Up in the Sky! The Erasure of the Heroic Labor of Women in 9/11 Media Representations.” National Communication Association. Chicago, November 2009.
  • “Asking the Wrong Question” in “New Feminist Thinking about Violence and Women.” National Communication Association. San Diego, November 2008.
  • Rescue Me: The Political Incorrectness of Being Male.” In “Pop Progression? Contemporary Characterizations of Race and Gender in Primetime Television.” National Communication Association. Chicago, November 2007.

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